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We operate in a broad arena of highly specialized services designed for this 2018 Real Estate Marketplace. We think differently and operate to bring solutions to this new real estate marketplace.  See below for the plans we offer.


Sold by you - flat rate

Our Sold-By-You $499.00 Flat Rate Plan Gets You On ALL Major Home Search Engines!

  • Comparable home sales data and pricing strategy suggestion(s). 
  • A dynamic full-color property website showcasing your home in photographs or video including property details, asking price, showing instructions, open house dates and  a prospect lead capture form.
  • Your property website is syndicated to,,,, Yodle, Facebook and other online home shopping platforms. 
  • Upload maximum number of photos allowed is 24.
  • Agent instructions in MLS (saves you from answering the same questions again and again) plus YOU choose how much commission to offer a buyer's agent - if any. 
  • Residential purchase contracts and all statewide required disclosures.
  • Professional agent answering service (additional $50.00 per month) manages all incoming calls by providing property information and showing instructions. All buyer inquiries screened and forwarded to you.
  • List of recommended Title companies to choose from in your area.  

We Can Deliver The Exposure You'll Need to Get Your Home SOLD! 

Sold By Us - full service

Full Service Real Estate. What Is It? Is It Worth It?

That's up for you to decide. In a sellers market where any blind goat could plop a picture of your house on the MLS and generate three offers you might not need one. But will you be getting the best offer? As a general rule of thumb, the best buyers are working with agents. Why? Because agents don't waste time and gas showing homes to unqualified, unmotivated home buyers. 

MLS and the Internet

Warning: Don't let your property hit the MLS without photographs or with amatueur photographs. It will get passed over without a second thought by most agents and buyers. These days many MLS's allow 8 or 12 photographs or more. For that reason, I always provide professional photographs and shoot double the photos required.

I take the time to stage the best shots with the best light, the best angles and sharpest contrast and color so your home is showcased looking it's finest. Your pictures are cropped and resized to accentuate their most positive attributes and only then is each photograph entered into MLS with a full-length description utilizing key words and search terms that describe the house in a way that insires people to want to see it in person.

I often see photographs that shouldn't have evermade it onto the MLS and there's usually a lazy real estate agent or discount brokerage behind it who doesn't care enough or isn't getting paid enough to properly market their client's property.


Did you know the average agent sells 1.5 homes per year? Discount brokerages and average agents often don't like to spend money on professional signs because they can't afford them. The value of a sign directly correlates to the amount of eyeball traffic it gets however a sign is ALWAYS better than no sign. Signs DO sell homes and good signage is free advertising. 

Full-service firms will advertise:

  • The brokerage office phone number
  • The agent's personal cell phone or voice mail number
  • A property specific website for more information
  • A toll-free 24 hour property information hotline
  • Virtual tour links
  • Specific information highlighting homes features such as water views, large lot, etc...

Marketing Materials

Full-service companies tend to project quality, and that means four-color flyers and four-color direct mail pieces. The days of hiring neighborhood kids to toss photocopies on neighbors' front steps are gone. Full-service marketing is first class.

Open Houses

Not all homes are right for an open house, but those that require finesse. This means working the buyers who come through by pointing out impressive features of the home without making the buyer feel oppressed or hounded, and that in itself is an art. It requires the service of an experienced sales person. Many discount brokers refuse to hold homes open.

Full-service agents counsel sellers. They find out what made the seller decide to buy the home and how that moment happened. Then, they employ that knowledge at open houses. For example, suppose a seller said that moment came when she first stood gazing out at the pool. When she turned to her husband and gasped, "I can't believe we can afford to buy this home." Good sales people at an Open would ask buyers to stand in that same spot by the pool.


Real estate is an extremely competitive business, and there are many agents fighting for the same listings. A full-service agent who wins the listing is probably a good negotiator, a person you want on your side during offer negotiations. Think about it. Agents who can persuade you to pay what they feel is reasonable will probably persuade a buyer to pay your price. Ultimately, that means more money for you.


Final Sales Price

Sometimes full-service agents lose listings because the seller was promised a higher price based on hot air and a lower commission. It's these listings that often show up in MLS a month later with reduced prices. The amount of the price reductions, not surprisingly, tend to exceed the difference in commissions between the dueling agencies!

In these scenarios, sellers received fewer services and ended up losing money on the sale as well.

If you can't decide between an agent who charges 1 or 2 percent less than another, think about how you would feel if you had to reduce your sales price, say five percent, to get the house sold. Ask the agents to show you their last 24 months of price reductions and compare them.

How Much Do Agents Make?

Agents are paid by brokers. Brokers retain a portion, sometimes 50%, and pay the balance to the agent. From that, the agent pays her overhead and taxes, which can easily amount to 50% of the net. A listing agent's true salary ranges from 20% to 30% of one-half the commission. Full-service agents typically spend more on overhead than their competitors; by refusing to compromise service, they tend to charge more.


New Construction Homes: 
Considering reknown builders such as Bob Webb, Fischer, M/I Schottenstein, Epcon, Homes, Pulte, Rockford Homes, Romanelli & Hughes, Ryan, Schumacher, Toll Brothers, or any other builder?  If you’re buying a new home you must tell the builder / developer to register 'Take a Look Real Estate Brokers' as your agent in order for you to receive the rebate. We request that you have the builder or builder’s rep provide you with a note verifying they have registered you as our client and provide a copy to us upon receipt. New Home Clients receive a 50% rebate.

Rebates are offered on a tiered scale starting at 50% unless otherwise agreed in writing between Buyer and 'Take a Look Real Estate Brokers'.

Negotiating Offers, Inspections, etc...
Take a Look Real Estate Brokers will assist our registered Clients with facilitating all offers, counter offers, inspection request to remedies; order title work and review settlement statements upon request at no additional charge.

Buyer rebate program

Buying New Construction? GET A REBATE UP TO 50% OF THE COMMISSION. 

Example #1 –  $450,000 purchase with a standard 3% commission you'd received a rebate check for $6,750.00

Example #2 – $350,000 purchase with a standard 3% commission you'd receive a rebate check for $5,250.00

Example #3 – $200,000 purchase with a standard 3% commission you'd receive a rebate check for $3,000.00

Example #4 – $150,000 purchase with a standard 3% commission you'd receive a rebate check for $3,000.00

How do our New Home buyer rebates work? 
Take a Look Real Estate Brokers provides generous commission rebates to our Buyer clients directly through escrow.

Are builder paid Realtor commission rebates legal? 
Not only are they legal but they are a great way for making homes more affordable! Here's a link to an article on the United States Justice Department regarding home buyer rebates.

How to claim your cash?
Just call us! If you've already found a home or community you love then all we need is the MLS# or community information. We can look up the history of the property and verify the status, MLS history and other public records as well as provide a copy of the property disclosures prior to viewing the home. If it's anew home community, we'll gather all the relevent community sales data and arrange a tour. 

If you haven't found a home yet we can set you up with automated New Home property alerts that will immediately notify you of new homes matching your search criteria so that you can be among the first to preview them. We can arrange private showings weekdays, evenings and of course on weekends to accomodate your busy schedule. 

You must get pre-approved.
Pre-approved buyers are way ahead of the game in the eyes of a seller because it means you're qualified to purchase, you're serious and you're ready to negotiate. A pre-approval letter strengthens any offer and ensures the Seller you are a serious buyer. Want some help understanding your financing options or finding a great local lender? Just ask!

Caluculating Your Rebate. 
The more work you do finding your home, the higher the rebate. To earn a rebate the purchase price must be equal to or greater than $150,000. The concept is simple. We know that you’re actively searching for homes. The less time we spend showing you homes, the more you get back at closing. 

Please contact us directly to discuss the strategy which will best service your needs ensuring the maximum rebate possible. Rebates are offered on homes over $150,000. Rebates are offered on a tiered scale starting at 50% unless otherwise agreed in writing between Buyer and Take a Look Real Estate Brokers


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