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Our goal is to support the actualization of home ownership through comprehensive support, education on process and direct guidance.  We believe anyone who desires to own a home should be able to purchase it.  Strong neighborhoods help families and build communities. We are passionate, committed and innovative in our approach to the home buying process. 

Representation is more than forms and signs. We listen and strive to understand the needs of our clients. With respect to sellers, we get clear about where they want to be and develop a full plan to get them there.  Our agents are trained to meet the needs of each client by offering well thought out solutions. We market differently.  

We assist our agents with the necessary tools to serve clients at the highest level. Training and personal development are the catalyst that assist in the sustainability of our ever-evolving solutions-oriented approach. We are broad thinkers and believe in the contribution of the group to raise process and improve quality.



Take A Look Real Estate Brokers is looking for a bright, mission-driven realtor.


  • Needed as a Buyer's Agent and Seller's Agent

  • Procure listings to sell in the competitive sellers' market in Central Ohio

  • Work as a buyer's agent, shopping and assisting buyers through the home buying process

Please send your resume and cover letter to with the subject line: Realtor - Job Opportunity.