Don’t Wait!  Spring Brings The Best Home Buyers!


Spring ushers in the feeling of renewal. Fresh rain, budding flowers, warmer temperatures, greener grass and a fresh start as we come out of our winter cocoons. Spring also brings something else when it comes to the real estate market. It brings the highest-paying buyers. These are READY-WILLING and ABLE buyers who are highly inspired to purchase your home.

And that means It’s Selling Season. My best advice is: don’t wait!


One thing I know for sure, in the 25 years of doing this, spring and summer are the best times to sell. Especially if you want top dollar for your home. Timing matters and it matters as much as location, if not more. The spring and summer seasons are when families with school-aged children are looking to move. This is by far the largest home-buying group. So doesn’t it make sense to be ready when they are?

This segment of our buying population emerges shortly after income tax season begins and is in full swing just before the school year ends. They spend the winter months preparing mentally for the daunting task of selling and buying another home to suit their family’s growing needs. Why is spring so important? Let me go a little deeper into the mindset of the best buyers.

Families with children have serious timelines and it all centers around the school year. In many school districts, you can’t even register children for school unless you have a verified address and that means mortgage statement, purchase contract, utility bills or signed lease.

Often times, families are moving to gain access to a particular district. It becomes what feels like a necessity to identify their next home. Another challenge, schools are ending the year in May. Conversely, school start back in session in August, only making the buyer demand stronger and the time to get things done feel much shorter.

What I've noticed is, no matter what type of market we are in (buyers or sellers), this group is extremely consistent. I'm definitely not saying there aren't any options. Fall also has a fairly brisk need for homes but it’s not typically with the same zest as the spring and summer folks.

So if the highest and best price is your goal when selling your home, this quick message is for you.

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