Why Agreements in Real Estate are Important


As real estate professionals, our job at Take A Look Real Estate Brokerage is to service our clients needs with professionalism and an attention to their best interests. In order to be as effective as you need and to get the highest quality of service, agreeing to certain standards of dedication is in the best interest of the homebuyer or seller. For some clients, signing agreements doesn’t always make sense to them. In this article, we will explain why an agreement can be your best ally.

First of all, when an agent presents a buyer or seller with an agreement of exclusivity, they are going to bat for their reputation and their diligence in servicing you. They are, in essence, saying that their job is an allegiance to your needs, desires, resources and time. Most agreements specify a time frame that they intend to dedicate to helping you to get what you want and certain actions that they will and won’t take to keep you satisfied and taken care of. By law, it holds them to the fire. It forces them to take initiative to execute and deliver services to you that will help you to buy or sell the right property in the right amount of time.


A buyer-broker agreement is the agent’s promise to give you access to the largest quantity of quality properties that will fit your needs and price point. For a seller, a listing agreement, particularly with Take A Look, is assurance that consideration of your home will be given to qualified, serious prospects and agents that are also bound by the rules of the Columbus Board of Realtors. When our agents are tasked with servicing you, they are tasked with being devoted to protecting your resources while respecting your time.

But an agreement lets our agents know that you are as serious as we are in providing assistance to you. We understand that real estate transactions can be tedious and even scary for people because of the high dollars amounts being transacted. For many, real estate is the most expensive investment and undertaking a person will ever commit themselves to. When you make an official agreement with an agent, you are holding yourself accountable to making a move that can be a positive investment or retrieval of equity for your future.

At Take A Look, our agents are not only licensed, but receive ongoing training, support and resources that make the time that we spend working with you valuable. Our attention to your needs and the details of your transactions are of the utmost importance to us. And our allegiance to the precepts of the Board of Realtors holds us accountable to upholding ethical standards and behaviors.

You can rest assured that when you sign an agreement with an agent with Take A Look Real Estate Brokers, our agents, backed by the brokerage itself, are on your side. If you would like to speak with one of our agents about buying or selling a property, contact us at 614-778-8503. Also follow us here on Facebook for local market info, available listings, property tips and inspiration.