Take Your Real Estate Business from Struggle to Success

Are you a real estate agent struggling to achieve 6 figure success? In this article, we’ll share how our free training group can help you to become a success in real estate.

Are you a real estate agent struggling to achieve 6 figure success? In this article, we’ll share how our free training group can help you to become a success in real estate.

When I became a real estate agent in 1994, I joined a big box brokerage. They provided the big box name, but they did not teach me how to produce. There was very little training, and what training there was, wasn’t working for me. I even tried to listen in on office talk to learn what to do and how to get started. But as a single, working mom of three kids, being at the brokerage office wasn’t always feasible. I also discovered that the money wasn’t being made hanging out at the office.

I figured I probably needed to be walking around neighborhoods and talking to people. I also got my hands on a marketing book that explained how to develop a network of people that would do business with me. It said I “should speak to every person” I came in contact with. I did just that. But what I didn’t understand was that I needed to implement the process of qualification. I found myself running around town with interested people who weren’t ready to buy.

I started to wonder where I could find a regular source of qualified buyers. Then I began to sort through people who worked with me at my place of employment. Because we worked in banking, I thought many of them would be qualified. That helped me begin selling! Word got around the bank that I was a real estate professional they could trust to get the job done. Within four years, my real estate income was as much as I made on my job, and on a very part-time basis.

But life happens and after marrying, having my fourth child and my bonus daughter, while supporting my sick mother, I quit my job at the bank. I went full time in real estate and enrolled in school. I knew that now I needed to find more clients. But I realized I hadn’t found a new path to those clients and would have to start from scratch. I had a heavy expense load and lots of personal and educational responsibilities. And I really struggled to find some direction.


But things seriously improved after reaching out to an independent broker named Terry. She increased my commissions by 30%. She provided me detailed mentorship and how to get restarted. She talked to me on a very regular, consistent basis to make sure I was clear on what I needed to do. In addition, she showed me how to develop new business.

In the first six months with Terry, I made $60,000 in gross commissions!

That’s how I know that mentorship works. I went from a struggling agent to a thriving, successful realtor earning six figures in 6 months. And it was all because I had the right coaching and was like a sponge, ready and willing to learn. Just like with my old broker, we don’t seek to diminish else’ shine. What we do intend is to develop our agents under the Take A Look Real Estate Broker umbrella so they reach a success point of $100,000. And with us, the sky’s the limit!

See, I was amazed by the fact that in only two transactions a month, I could earn $100,000 a year. And I realized that each transaction could be completed in less than 15 hours. That means 30 hours a month! Now that’s a far cry from when I worked 40 hours a week for less than $50,000 a year, feeling like I was giving up all my time. Plus, I had to wait 2 weeks to get paid and give up 20% to the government!

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