6 Reasons Why You Should Become a Real Estate Agent


We at Take A Look Real Estate Brokers believe in empowering everyone that we serve. However, we also believe in empowered agents who are self-sufficient and thriving in their lives. In this article, we are going to share 6 benefits of becoming a real estate agent and the next steps to achieve your dreams using our industry as a platform.

Benefit 1: Time Freedom

Life is meant to be enjoyed and should allow you to become the highest, happiest and most effective version of yourself that you can be. With Take A Look Real Estate Brokers, Theresa Cray, the broker, can show you how to build a full-time income on part-time hours. She herself mastered the $100,000 a year formula on two transactions a month to buy her own time freedom back. Her goal is to teach the same formula to you!  We are firm believers that we should work to live, not live to work.

Benefit 2:  Uncapped Income Potential


Glass ceiling? Not a chance. You see, no one dictates an agent’s income to an agent. Whether the house is $45,000 or $2.5 million, your commission reflects that price, not what a boss or CEO says you are worth. Whether you sell 1 house or 10 in a month, your income potential is up to you. What kind of income do you think you would need to earn to upgrade your lifestyle, support your family, continue your education, buy or pay off your dream house, travel the world, or give back to the community? We’ll help you discover and define your values and the income goals to support them.

Benefit 3:  Tax Benefits

In his book called “Lower Your Taxes Big Time”, Sandy Botkins exposes how people who do not have a source of home-based income give back up to $8,000 to Uncle Sam every year. You see, tax laws are more favorable to owners of businesses and homes. They allow you to write off many of the expenses associated with ownership such as utilities, fuel, phone, and even meals. We suggest talking to a tax professional so that they can explain in detail the many ways that you can benefit from the laws that support businesses and entrepreneurs. Your tax return could look much better next year than it did this year!

Benefit 4:  Personal Development

Our goal is to provide with you the kind of development that makes you powerful in business and in life. From the books that we read to the trainings that we partake in to the culture that we are apart of to the gurus that we network with, you have access to everything that we employ to master our lives.  Also, the real estate industry and the transactions that you complete provide you with a wealth of education not limited to marketing, database management, finance and economics, personal investing, title laws, tax laws, insurance, staging and design, home improvement, inspections, appraisals, and even becoming an influential networker.

Benefit 5:  The Tools and Access to Become an Investor

As an agent, you have access to so many resources to make finding investment properties easier and to the professionals who are incentivized by your investment decisions. Firstly, agents have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS for short) which is like a marketplace for properties on the market and necessary information about them. You can learn key info about a property that will tell you how valuable and in demand it is on the market, as well as its condition. Also, you have access to the agents that are selling properties that you are looking at as well as other properties in their pipeline that might be a good fit for you! And when you build rapport with other agents, they are more than happy to reach out to you and give you the inside scoop.


Benefit 6:  Excitement and Fulfillment

Real estate can provide you with so many of the joyous aspects that are found in the lives of happy people. First, you own your life, your time and your income potential. Next, you develop your talents and skills that will make you a more influential person in your personal and professional lives. Third, you can finally afford all of the material things that you have been eying, such as your own home, a brand new car, an updated wardrobe, better birthday parties for your children, an education or retirement fund and that bucket list trip to Fiji. That’s not all! We have all felt the electric charge that goes through our hearts when we directly give or do something for another person that makes them better or happy. Imagine how much joy you could feel by changing their very lives?  You can actually get paid to make people’s lives, the community and the economy better, all by being a real estate agent… a great one.

What you need to do next...

Reach out to Theresa now!

NOW is the time for you to create change in your life. Not in a couple of hours. Not tomorrow. Not when you think you can afford it or find time to get moving. If you think you can’t afford to or don’t have time to become a real estate agent, don’t you think that means that becoming a real estate agent is exactly what you need do… now? 

Give Theresa a call now at 614-778-8503 so that you can experience the hope and inspiration that all aspiring agents experienced when joining Take A Look Real Estate brokers. You can also shoot her an email at admin@takealookbrokers.com. And remember, wasting time is really wasting your life, on procrastination.

Don’t play yourself. Pay yourself.