Hot Areas Alert: Do You Own Property in the Following ZIP CODES?


Do you own property in these zip codes: 43211, 43201, 43203, 43206?   These zones are currently the hot button zones.  Investors are crawling and scouring looking for abandoned and vacant properties to buy for cash fast. The Franklin County Treasurer's Office is aggressively pursuing owners who have not paid their property tax obligation.  Investors know this and often use this information to leverage absentee owners into selling their properties for lower dollar values.  

Let me say this:

1. If you owe back taxes on your property and you want to keep your property, make arrangements to pay on a formal agreement with the Franklin County Treasury Department.

2. If you are receiving “We BUY HOUSES Mail,” call me at 614-778-8503 especially if you want to sell BEFORE you call these people.

3. Understand this, whatever an investor is willing to pay off market, it is very likely much much lower than what the property will sell for on market: even after paying a commission.  

Bottom line, I love to see owners receive their fair market value.  If you don’t get your property in front of the market no matter what the conditions is, you are surely guaranteed to be giving away your hard earned equity.