Appreciate What You Have This Holiday Season


The holidays are a time of year where emotions are plentiful, relationships are evaluated and life’s achievements are questioned. Broad spiritual ideologies, various family interactions and the measuring of our lives against our expectations for ourselves often leaves us mentally depleted. With those anxieties, sometimes we miss the beauty in the holidays. Appreciation, the main purpose of the holiday season, is often left to the wind in exchange for the ego’s need to hold you judge and jury of your life.

In Webster’s Dictionary online, some of the words used to define the word appreciation are, “admiration, approval, gratitude, evaluation, and awareness.” Coalesced, those words speak to a choice to focus our minds on something positive. It means the enjoyment in an observation. Maybe it’s the memory of a closeness with someone. Maybe it’s the mystical traditions, lights, music, and flavors. It could even be an unexpected blessing that arrives like only a miracle can.


Either way, we are making a conscious decision to set our attention on something that feels good to us. It’s a state that allows us to clearly see more of the beauty, wonder and love around all around us.

Appreciation also insinuates growth or expansion of some sort. When an investment appreciates, our ability to use that equitable position improves. We have more choice, ability and access. Those rewards could come in the form of money, knowledge, favor, or strength.

Appreciation during the holidays means finding every blessing bestowed upon us, and watching it expand right before our very eyes. From the sight of a marvelous Christmas tree to the taste of Aunty’s sweet potato pie. From the blessing of having a place to lay our heads, however warm or cold, to the helping hand of a friend or stranger. From the blessing of big plans for the future to just being glad we’ve made it this far. Acknowledging that which is good allows you to be in a receiving mode for more.

The holidays give us the opportunity to ponder our lives in a way that brings resolve. With appreciation, healing can occur. With thankfulness, we learn to forgive. With an attitude of gratitude we develop courage. We open our hearts. We answer our own questions. And we make peace with where we are, knowing that more is in store.

We hope you take this season to find something to appreciate because therein lies the miraculous.

Happy Holidays from Take A Look Real Estate Brokers.