Welcome to the Cool, New, Hip Part of Columbus: Franklinton




... And then there’s Franklinton. Historically, it’s been a lower economic, underdeveloped space in Columbus real estate, coined “The Bottoms." Franklinton has seen its share of impoverishment. However, it has completely turned around in past few years. It’s been a long gradual process, but clearly evident by what we can see today. Franklinton today is a whole new space, attracting many new creative types to join in the community.

Settled in the 1797, to the East of the Scioto River, Franklinton was never considered a hot spot of the city. Because of its relationship to the river and its past propensity to flood, it has mainly been home to a lower economic group of people. Between the two tragic floods of 1913 and 1959, nearly 30,000 people were left homeless in the neighborhood. Left behind was a hotbed of drugs, crime and prostitution that has continued for a century.


However, things are 180 degrees transformed with the city and residents of Columbus, Ohio forging an innovative path in the business, technology, logistics, and equitable housing sectors. Many Franklinton neighborhoods are experiencing some major changes. Revitalization zones are taking on new life as a younger, more hip crowd moves in.

The city began its’ efforts in 2011 when former Mayor Coleman partnered with the Franklinton Development Association to overhaul the area. The goal has been to build using an outside in approach so as to allow the neighborhood to be an accentuation of the Columbus skyline. Apartment buildings and investment homes were built and refurbished. Vacant buildings have become home to artists and their curated exhibits. As new restaurants and shops have opened, lots of people are now participating in this new Franklinton zone. It has more recently been compared to the Short North!

With a thriving arts community that continues its development in Franklinton, signs of change are everywhere. Since 2008, The Franklinton Arts District has been building a community around arts, including festivals and exhibits, which draw in crowds and marketplace opportunists. One such event, called the Urban Scrawl, is a 2 day arts festival that hosts numerous artists, food trucks, dj’s, and activities for the kids. It is developing into a funky, cooperative, artsy spot just blocks West of our main downtown hub, perfect for art lovers and foodies!

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