Take A Look Broker's Latest Event Draws a Crowd


October 20th was a great day for Columbus as our community event, called “It’s Time to Own It”, moved 30 plus people closer to home ownership in the city.

Our 5th Event was our best event by far!  We came together to uplift, educate and inspire future home owners to push towards home ownership and reposition their lives.  Our goal was to streamline the process and shed light on the myths of owning versus the facts. We provided real resources and real guidance so our new clients can get through the process drama free.

This was our favorite audience, as they asked engaging questions that helped to provide answers to everyone.  This truly was a great event. Our next event is scheduled for January 2019.  We are working on dates and times. 

In the meantime, if you missed it. Text us at 614-699-3008 or Call Theresa at 614-778-8503 and let us get you on the path to owning your home, building equity and a legacy. 

Thank you to our sponsors:  Home Warranty of America- Dianna Silver, Stephanie Obrien- Elite Land Title Agency, Ryan Schultzenover _Home Mortgage Solutions, Sue Reichard- State Bank and Trust, Jeffrey Kabala - Legacy Engineering, The Jaynes Team- Rapid Mortgage.  Also special thanks goes out to our Take a Look Realtor Team Janet Rushton, Larry Radcliff, Lisa Dickerson, and the Broker Theresa Barron.  We are also happy to have Janene Parham of Keller Williams participating And we can not get it done without our Registration and Support Team: Seville Bates, Yelonda Marcy Masten, and Aba Brensah.  Thank you's would not be complete with out mentioning our Copyright editor Erin Liggins and Vanessa Young, Brand Manager. 

Make sure to come to future “It’s Time to Own It” events and soak in the energy of home ownership and wealth building.  In the meantime, feel free to contact us today to discover what we can do to assist you in your home buying journey. Contact us so we can help you become a homeowner!