What's Happening in Columbus' Central City Zones


Columbus is growing in the central city zones. The old brick homes, around 70 to 120 years old, are now what are considered “IN”. Residents of the capitol city are deciding on more centralized communities where they work, play, shop, and commune.

The demand has seen a sharp rise and developers are responding with contemporary dwellings situated in our urban metro areas.

Areas like Olde Town East are selling for $270 - $400K. Olde Town has been making steady improvements home by home, block by block. It has attracted an array of small eateries, bars, festivals, and events that are defining this more centralized lifestyle.


Other areas that are continuing the phenomenon as up and coming zones are the Children's Hospital campus and the South Corridor. These zones, like Olde Town East, are seeing similar trends.  While values are folding, large familiar establishments are taking notice and investing in these marketplaces. Many restaurants are opening upgraded versions. Panera is a prime example with its panoramic views and kiosk ordering systems in their Parsons and Livingston locations.

We are also seeing the revitalization of Central Columbus near OSU East, just North of Old Town East. There are approximately 300 new units 1 block from OSU East and a new senior housing complex. There are a lot of small, individual investor rehab projects, too.

One other change is students! It seems a natural fit since Columbus State Community College, Columbus College of Art and Design, Franklin University, and the OSU Extension Center are just blocks away from the OSU East Revitalization Zone. The strategy is to integrate the Students.  This seems like it will be an effective strategy to establish new student housing for the 4 major student populations nearby and also revitalize the newly emerging OSU East Zone.

It’s an exciting time to live, work and play in Columbus' urban communities. My best advice for anyone considering living in the city is to get in now before it’s too late, or should I say... too expensive.

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