The Rebuilding of Parsons Avenue and Why You Should Invest There


There’s a rejuvenation taking place in one of our beloved Columbus communities. There’s a two mile stretch between Livingston Ave. and Rt. 104, on the south of Parsons Avenue, where real estate developers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and residents are vying for access.

During the late 1800’s, Old Towne East was a community in which affluent, business class members lived, worked and communed. This took a turn in the 1920’s when suburbs began overpowering them creating a class struggle, survival of the fittest.

By the 1950’s, things had rapidly changed. First, the Broad St. Boulevard was removed to make way for Interstate 71. This completely destroyed the thriving businesses and establishments for the current community that ran along the boulevard. And by the time the wealthy elite had relocated, home ownership simply declined. Parsons Avenue was in no way spared.


Based on the 2006 Parsons Ave. Area Revision Plan, the consensus was that the area would need to be restored to prevent crime, violence, poverty, and property vacancies. The initiatives sparked investors and entrepreneurs alike to jump on the bandwagon. And with the masterful engine of Nationwide Children’s Hospitals investments in the area, massive regeneration has taken place. New and updated restaurants, shops, and renovated buildings can be see along Parsons Avenue, with new age design and appeal.

Community revitalization efforts also become a warm oven for condo and apartment communities. These apartments tend to be sleek, cutting edge and trendy to fit the style of that community and the texture of the power players’ wallets. Parsons Avenue is a prime example of this. With an updated Parson’s Corridor as the areas point of focus, real estate developers are all vying for competitive space.

One such community is The Arbor, located on Lehman St.,  conveniently nestled around Parsons Avenue improvement efforts. Right across the street from Nationwide Hospital, it’s a modern lifestyle community made with ecological sustainability at the heart of its branding.

The stylish apartments, between 743 sq. feet to 1436 sq. feet, come with chic appliances, modern amenity and a community embrace. From one bedroom apartment layouts all the way to 2 bedroom townhomes, rents range anywhere from $1209 to $1867. It’s a short distance from dining spots, shops, the updated Parsons Ave. library, markets, and places of business.

For those who opt for a modern lifestyle with access, convenience, amenity, and community, The Arbor might be a great choice.
For those who see the value in investing in this area, getting to know Realtor who understands that marketplace is a great first step. Theresa Barron and the Take A Look Real Estate Brokers team have served, worked and invested in and around this area for many years. Theresa understands the trends, patterns and values of this market. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you would like to know how she supports clients investing in this area.